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Over the last 4 years we have had 54 puppies from 10 different litters, gorgeous little rascals, so lovely and well natured. If this is the breed your after, you have come to the right place, Ask any questions and look at our clients testimonials page.

Parson Terriers are loyal, loving and playful by nature.
They are a great choice for people who lead active, outdoor lives.
They have low shedding coats.
They are low maintenance on the grooming front.
They are energetic and love to be kept busy.
PRTs are very intelligent and in the right hands highly trainable.
They are wonderful watchdogs.
They are good around older children.
They are a good choice for first time dog owners who have the time to dedicated to an energetic canine companion

Key Facts

9-15 years

Males 36 cm
Females 33 cm

Males: 5-8 kg
Females: 5-8 kg

Parson Russells are loyal, loving and playful by nature, They are great choice for people who lead active lives, outdoor lives. They have low shedding coats, Low maintenance on the grooming front, Energetic and love to keep busy. Very intelligent and in the right hands highly trainable.

Breed Characteristics

Small (Rating 2/5)

Exercise Needs
Extremely High (Rating 5/5)

Easy to Train
Easy (Rating 4/5)

Amount of Shedding
Low (Rating 2/5)

Grooming Needs
Low (Rating 2/5)

Good with Children
Average (Rating 3/5)

Health of Breed
Exceptional (Rating 5/5)

Some of our recent puppies

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We just love to hear how our puppies are getting on in the world. We get to see our dogs being loved, cared for and above all enjoying life.

recent Editions to the family

Smooth Coated Parsons

Draytogo Parson Russells are proud to be adding the Smooth PRT to the current team. The puppies are out of (Sire) Ch Quite lovely of Lovealoch & Royal Flush of Lovealoch and coming over in July, this is really exciting to be able to offer quality smooth PRT puppies from the Draytogo Kennel.

Only Breeder in the UK.


Not Just Your Typical Breeders

We are passionate about producing the finest examples of the Parson Russell breed, to make loving family pets, or achieve rosettes in the show ring if that is your dream.

We hope you enjoy 'meeting' our dogs, and we look forward to hearing from you.

Sarah Porter

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So much joy

More Than Just A Number

"We love the puppies, we love the parents and we always want to make sure they go to a good home."

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