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Proud of our parsons

Family Tree

If you are considering having one of our beloved terriers via our breeding litters or from bringing your own lovely lady to one of our stud dogs,
you may like to see our dog's ever so impressive pedigree lines.
We have a very special team including 3 sired by a 21 times Champion Pacolito Highly Prized at Dragonmoor,
carrying on the gorgeous examples of the breed. Feel free to browse all of our dogs and we look forward to chatting to you soon.

In our endeavour to have diverse breeding lines in our dogs, we are proud to own several from Europe including Belarus Top Russell Hoshi, Tae Bo Melodia Szczurolapa (Button) from Poland and Pacolito Italian Phaze (Tia). All of these lovely ladies are going to be superstars in diversifying future litters at Draytogo Parson Russell Terriers.


Jane Baker of Pacolito Parson Russells says

"Sarah has a real passion for her dogs and whatever she does she puts 100% in to it, she started off with my breeding and has continued to follow my lines, I was very happy to mentor Sarah as she is passionate about producing quality dogs with good temperaments."

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My Mentor

Jane Baker of Pacolito Parson Russells is a multiple winner of the coveted "our dogs top breeder" award She has bred 20 UK and European champions over 25 years.
She has been an invaluable source of inspiration and advice when I decided to breed these special dogs.
She has been awarded an Accolade of Excellence by the UK Kennel Club, under their Assured Breeder Scheme, and I am privileged to be able to be guided by her.