Current Litter

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Previous Litters

5th Litter 2019
Ted & Boo

1 Boy

4th Litter 2018
Hector & Hettie

A total of 5 pups, 3 boys & 2 girls

3rd Litter 2018
Stanley & Lulu

A total of 4 pups, 1 boy & 3 girls

2nd Litter 2018
Hector & Tia

A total of 6 pups, 1 boy & 5 girls

1st Litter 2017
Hector & Tia

A total of 6 pups, 5 boys & 1 girl

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Featured Pups

Bonnie entered Best Puppy at Goodwood today and Won the Highly Commended prize
Draytogo katch my eye in babyclass dogs: 1 VP best baby in breed.
Other Puppies
Just a few images of our puppies