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Our History

Sarah's history is founded in rescuing dogs that no one wanted to have and that were due to be put to sleep.
Under the guidance of a renowned dog psychologist, Sarah started working and training with Rottweilers, and together they organised a training group for the "difficult dog".
Time again, she saw dogs that were described as beyond hope. Handled with the right skills and techniques, these dogs melted into well behaved, respectful pooches.
"It always turned out that the dog was a result of the handling. You don't get naturally nasty dogs, they live in a pack and follow pack rules, and once you treat a dog the way nature intended, they become a successful member of your pack."
Sarah had such affinity and success with these 'difficult' Rotties, that she took on 2 for herself. Bitch Coco and Dog Draigo.

"Coco was so gentle, an angel of a dog. Dumped at 18 months, in the New Forest, and found by the dog warden. Somehow she found Anthony and I fell in love with her at first sight. She was a big teddy bear. She was so funny, going crackers after toys in the garden. Given half a chance, she would run down the drive and bark outside my mum's house till she was let in to sit by the cooker while dinner was being prepared.

Draigo was another story. Dropped off with his litter brother at the psychologist Anthony's house, he was very aggressive at 11 months old. Apollo, his gentle brother went to my best friend and I was told that if Draigo didn't come to me he would be put down. We started his rehab and I took him home to my gentle Coco after 5 weeks and carried on the rehabilitation. He had a problem with men as he and his brother had been badly beaten since birth. I sent him off to the army barracks to a guy I knew and trusted well, Draigo realised he was safe and settled into army life for those few weeks. He came back to me and became the best dog I could have ever asked for and died at 17 at home with me."

Then came the Parson Russell Terrier. I went to a dog show looking for a small dog as a pet. Having always loved Tin Tin, I guess it was always going to be Parson Russells for me. I got Stanley from a breeder and he is Mr Laid Back, getting on with everyone and every dog. He was my first showing dog and qualified for Crufts first time out. The show ring wasn't for him so now he's just the champ at home. Dad to Pumpkin, he is the one you can rely on to have a cuddle with on the sofa, his favourite place.

Then I got Tia 6 years later because I always wanted a Pacolito Parson Russell. Tia is the head girl, the mama, the boss. I guess she knows her dad is a 21 times Champion and she won't let you forget it! I was encouraged to have a litter with her as she too was such a successful show dog.
Hector, a Pacolito dog was decided for her based on personality compatibility and she went on to have a stunning first litter, So much so, it was hard to let the pups go! I kept Boo, as she has such good breeding qualities.
Boo is pretty as a picture, so gentle and conformationally stunning.

Agility was a new avenue for us to have a break from the show ring. I also think it does the dogs a lot of good, developing their brains and physical prowess. Tia was also a natural at agility as well as her dad. These dogs are amazing. Having such incredible breeding lines and talent, Draytogo was born. Today the breeding team are 3 stud gents and 7 ladies. Draytogo is a discerning breeder. "Sarah will only breed when the girls are fit and ready.
Producing a litter only from quality mums to be, who are not only of a sound breeding age, but mature and fit enough to go through having a litter at that point in time."

Awarded 5* License from West Berkshire council - October 2021


Rob and Andrea

"So lucky . Bonnie is doing brilliantly on her first day. Total credit to Sarah, thank you for the amazing job. Bonnie entered Best Puppy at Goodwood today and Won the Highly Commended prize thanks Sarah , we are very lucky to have her in our lives 🐶 Rob and Andrea 30th Jan 2019."

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Key Facts

9-15 years

Males 36 cm
Females 33 cm

Males: 5-8 kg
Females: 5-8 kg

Parson Russells are loyal, loving and playful by nature, They are great choice for people who lead active lives, outdoor lives. They have low shedding coats, Low maintenance on the grooming front, Energetic and love to keep busy. Very intelligent and in the right hands highly trainable.

Breed Characteristics

Small (Rating 2/5)

Exercise Needs
Extremely High (Rating 5/5)

Easy to Train
Easy (Rating 4/5)

Amount of Shedding
Low (Rating 2/5)

Grooming Needs
Low (Rating 2/5)

Good with Children
Average (Rating 3/5)

Health of Breed
Exceptional (Rating 5/5)

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