Puppies Playtime & Sleeping

Playtime and sleep time


Playing is a great way to train and bond with your puppy in a positive and fun way.

  • Games which are calm and controlled by you are the most effective.
  • Aggression can be fostered if you play tug of war so make sure you don't create a competitive environment between you and your puppy.
  • He is likely to become aroused or frustrated with intense physical play so ensure children are not around or involved when his games are like this. Only use suitable dog toys that are safe for your puppy.

Sleep time

Your puppy will need time to sleep to assist with his development. At times you may need to encourage him. When you think he is likely to settle:

  • Calmly put him in his bed, give him a few minutes to settle and then leave him securely in the room.
  • He may whine or make a fuss when you close the door. It is important that you ignore this behaviour - he should willingly go to sleep if he is tired.


Your puppy needs a comfortable bed, so buy a bed big enough for it to grow into, and stretch out in. There are many types of good bedding for your puppy.

Most puppies love snuggling into a piece of 'vetbed' or similar. This is a synthetic simulated sheepskin, which is hygienic, machine washable, totally non-allergenic and relatively resistant to chewing. It can also help to prevent pressure sores on bigger dogs. Buy two pieces so you use one while washing and drying the other.


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